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Chapecó - SC

Access the hotsite: https://macodesc.com.br/ambar/

Virtual tour: Common areas


  • Araucaria, trees with unique shapes, which are a symbol of resistance;
  • The forest, which covers more than 2000m², provides contact with nature for residents;
  • The golden ratio, the golden number that is in the most beautiful forms in nature and helps to bring harmony to the project;
  • Connections, such as the walkway that connects the different parts of the project and people;
  • The sense of community, represented through care for common and living areas;
  • Biophilic design, which integrates natural elements into buildings;
  • And the Vitruvian triad, which are the basic elements of architecture and permeate every detail of Âmbar: aesthetics, functionality and structure.


  • 31 floors;
  • 140 units;
  • Complete security system;
  • Delivery date: November 2026;
  • 3 high-performance elevators (2 social and 1 service/emergency);
  • Total project area: 22,843.57m²;
  • 3,990 m² of collective areas;
  • Essentialist architecture;
  • Common areas delivered furnished, decorated, equipped and ready for use;

Virtual tour: Apartments APARTMENTS

  • 5 or 6 apartments per floor;
  • 7 different typologies - from 74.41m² to 183.50m²;
  • 6 standard typologies;
  • 8 units with terrace;
  • 2 coverage units;
  • Apartments with 1 or 2 parking spaces;
  • Privileged views – urban landscape and the forest;
  • Flexibility to change the internal layout and customize the apartment;
  • Possibility of unifying units.

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